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Über uns

Using art and its presentation as a vehicle of analysis, inspiration and emotional engagement The Art of Wild Gallery contributes to the discourse about the relationship between man and nature.

Presenting a high class selection of well-curated, visually stimulating and thoughtful bodies of work and artists that focus on this relationship we wish to accentuate art’s role in reflecting critically, emotionally and creatively to a changing world.

For our customers and collectors, we produce original art in limited editions and according to the highest museum and gallery standards. A certificate of authenticity accompanies each art work.

We aim to take an international leadership role as an online art gallery focused on the complex relationship between man and nature.

We provide a platform for artists and people interested in art.  

We create an opportunity for young artists to exhibit their works and meet an international audience.

In pursuit of its mission The Art of Wild Gallery is committed to the principles of artistic freedom.

Welcome to THE ART OF WILD.


Art Wolfe: From 'The Human Canvas Project'. (Body of Work: 'Me You The Other')