About us

When nature and artistic photography meet, THE ART OF WILD is created.

World-famous photographers, who have gathered under the roof of our gallery, celebrate the beauty of nature with their works.

The Art of Wild Gallery features landscapes and many of the earth’s living creatures in all facets: powerful, fragile, artistic, surprised, majestic, delicate and always moving.

Every artist has developed unique methods to their mastery, cultivating his or her personal style and technique. Yet it is the ‘soul quality’ of each piece that captures our emotions so beautifully.

The featured photographers have captured ‘soul qualities’ not only in their pictures, but also in their stories of creating of their pieces of art. Equivalently, we are moved by the ‘soul qualities' of our earth, in all its manifestations, which penetrate every picture so intensely.

Welcome to THE ART OF WILD.